• Bike False Bay

    Posted on October 7, 2012 by Gavin in Adventures.

    Crossing a stream on the Nguni Trail an ideal trail for family leisure riders.

    Mountain bikes have an environmentally friendly foot print, a bicycle tyre imparts less impact than a hiking boot and far less than a horse or animal hoof. The Hluhluwe area is a fantastic area for biking whether you are a serious competitive type looking to put in big mileage on deserted gravel roads or a family rider looking to enjoy an easy ride with kids. At Hluhluwe River lodge there are number of options to suit every need. The lodge has a fleet of single speed bikes suitable for the novice leisure rider and can be hired at the lodge. We suggest that serious bikers bring their own gear and the lodge will supply you with maps and suggested rides to suit your needs. Should you require a guide the lodge can arrange for a local mountain bike guide to accompany you if needed. There is a 5 kilometer technical loop ride on the lodge premises designed for advanced riders as well as a the Nguni Trail which is a 5 kilometer ride to the mouth of the Hluhluwe river and back. Let’s Ride!

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