• Night Stalker

    Posted on January 22, 2013 by Gavin in Adventures, Our spectacular nature.

    During the early hours of Saturday (12th of Jan 2013) morning we had an unsuspected visitor help himself to on of Hluhluwe River Lodge’s lovely bull nyalas. The night stalker took full advantage of the nyala as he was already weakened due to a near-fatal wound on one of its front legs caused by what looked like an old snare. The night stalker seemed to have been disturbed while feasting as he only ate a little of the nyala’s rump. He returned the following night for another quick snack and that was when we decided to set up a camera trap with the hope that he would return for the 3rd consecutive night. Unfortunately he did not return for another snack that night but instead returned three nights later hoping there would be some palatable flesh left.

    We managed to get one snapshot of the magnificent beast as he slinked  past one of the camera traps that we had set for him. The other camera trap which was in an ideal position did not fire due to a previous error in battery selection by a certain someone who’s name shall remain anonymous until found guilty.

    Here are two shots that we snapped by the camera trap. The first being a Yellow-billed Kite who was helping himself to copious amounts of delicious magets and the second is a shot of the illusive Night Stalker.

    MDGC0001 MDGC0017

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