• Shooting Rosy Throat’s

    Posted on October 25, 2012 by Gavin in Birding in Hluhluwe.


    photographer simon leppard

    Simon Leppard reviews images on the Willy’s Jeep at the secret Rosy throat hotspot.

     Long time friend and photographer, Simon Leppard visited the lodge on the weekend of the 21st October with his delightful wife Wendy. The main aim of the weekend was to find the elusive Rosy-throated Longclaw  ( Macronyx ameliae ) and for Simon to get images with a new Canon 500 f4 lens. The weather conditions were appauling and heavy rain and hail storms during the week meant that access onto the floodplain marsh areas was limited. Limited to most vehicles apart from a diminutive little 1946 Willy’s Jeep CJ2A, our get anywhere anytime vehicle. Day 1 of the weekend drew a blank as far as our target species was concerned but delivered a wonderful sighting of a pair of Marsh Owl’s amongst a variety of birds including Red Winged Pratincole which are nesting in their hundred’s at this time of the year on the Hluhluwe river floodplain. Day 2 dawned and wet weather again threatened. A morning search for Narina Trogon and Green Coucal drew a blank. Showing true ‘twitcher’s grit’ we donned our anorak’s and headed to our secret hotspot for Rosy Throated. Great excitement dissolved to dissapointment when what appeared to be a Rosy was in fact a Orange-throated Longclaw. Not a bad thing though as we were now in line for a ‘triple crown’, we were soon rewarded with a fantastic sighting of our target bird. We had seen all 3 Longclaws ( yellow, orange and rosey throated ) in one outing. An added bonus was the fact that both male and female birds were together and Simon captured some great images.

    pink throated longclaw

    The elusive and somewhat rare Rosy-throated Longclaw is an insect eating grassland marsh resident.

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