• Critters and Bugs

    Posted on October 8, 2012 by Gavin in Day Trips.
    Argema mimosae

    A moon moth ( Argema mimosae ) perched on a Ansellia gigantea orchid.

    Our American visitors call them ‘critter’s’ and other’s refer to them as ‘bug’s’, surely our fascinating insect population deserve better! As the Spring draws closer to summer and the humidity rise’s as it has over the last few weeks we notice more and more ‘critter’s’ making an appearance. Of course Mosquito’s we hate and definitely deserve ‘ critter’ status but the large majority of ‘critter’s’ are amazing creature’s that when appreciated at close range far outshine the Big 5 in beauty and immaculate design. Moths make an appearance at the onset of summer and they are the true beauty queens of the insect world.

    Emperor Moth

    The eye spots on the wings of this Emperor moth are transparent.

    Over 100 000 species have so far been named from all over the world. Today I photographed two Moths, both had been attracted by the lights at the main lodge complex during the night. Emperor Moths are characterized the ‘eye spots’ in both the fore and hind wings with wingspans of 90 mm’s. Interesting to note is the fact that none of the Moths of this family can feed as their mouthparts are imperfect and thus live only a few days in the adult state. Such a pity for such beautiful ‘critters’ to be so short lived.

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