• Zamimpilo Market experience

    Posted on February 5, 2013 by Gavin in Day Trips.

    A bustling African market place is always a wonderful experience for anyone wanting to get a taste of rural entrepreneurial spirit and taste some seriously good organic product. A visit to the Zamimpilo ( endeavor to work ) Market just off the N2 freeway near the town of Hluhluwe is a must. This  is a cooperative market with stall holder’s from the surrounding community supplying craft and fresh produce for sale. Noteworthy is the complete lack of males at this market, it is run solely by an efficient army of hard working women dressed in colorful hat’s and apron’ s  and always happy to help you select  a ripe bag of Mango’s or delicious Wild Banana’s. Clay pots are a beautiful local product  as are the grass carpets. beware of some of the wood carving though as it tends to be bought in and some of it is very poor quality and often made of soft wood usually riddled with wood eating beetles. When you arrive at the market greet the ladies with a big smile and say ‘sawubona’ pronounced ‘sow – oo – borna’ and raise your hand with palms forward and fingers spread. You will receive the same greeting in return and meet the most delightful people ever, Zulu women.

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