• Fossils and shells at Sandy Point

    Posted on October 7, 2012 by Gavin in Hiking Trails.
    Ammonite fossil in hand

    A perfectly preserved Ammonite fossil found at Sandy Point on a guided tour.

    We reccommend a visit to False Bay Park our neighboring game reserve which forms the western boundary of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Apart from the spectacular walking trails through it’s rare Sand Forest’s and breathtaking views accross Lake St Lucia and Hell’s Gate there are fascinating Fossil deposits well worth a visit. Often overlooked and seldom refered to in tour guides and brochures the Ammonite fossils just north of Sandy point are a must see. These fossils however are only temporarily exposed due to drought and the susequent low water levels and will at some point in the future be inundated with water again. The Ammonites were aquatic squid type creatures from the Cretaceous and  related to the Nautilus which is it’s living relative.  Similar to the Nautilus in structure they had hard coiled shells and a cavity from which the head and tentacles protruded. A large eye and excellent maneuverability made the Ammonite a super efficient predator. Today these fascinating creatures lie preserved and in some instances crystalised in the lake bed and are a delight to see. To think that they lived during at a time when dinosaur’s walked the earth is truly fascinating. Hluhluwe River lodge will arrange guided tours of the fossil bed’s and tours are followed by a sun downer drink at a Sandy Point.

    great trip for kids

    Fossil tours are great for kids and the shell beds are absolutely beautiful.

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