• Take a walk on the wild side

    Posted on June 19, 2013 by Gavin in Hiking Trails.

    How often do you ask yourself the following question on a weekend; what should we do today? Maybe it’s you and your partner or perhaps you ask the question with your kids in mind. Here’s a suggestion from a country boy, get your ass out into the woods and walk! Walking in nature has to be one of the coolest things to do, it’s cheap, healthy and most of all good for the soul.

    At Hluhluwe River lodge we encourage our visitors to walk because here on the western shore of lake St Lucia we have some of the most unique and beautiful short hike experiences you could wish for. Apart from the Red Duiker Trail which starts just a short walk from your accommodation  at Hluhluwe River Lodge there is False Bay Park and the Ingwe and Mpophomeni Trails. Grab a interactive Trail booklet from reception, a bottle of water and a backpack and hit the trail! There are close to 50 kilometers of trail available to walk with a variety of distances to suit your level of fitness. The Sand Forests in our ‘neck of the woods’ are unique and only occur in specific locations in a limited range of ancient coastal dune. This sterile sand dune has over thousands of years given rise to very specific trees and shrubs that thrive in this environment. Sand Forests are the Hluhluwe areas best kept secret’s and walking in these pristine and deserted forests on your own or with loved one’s somehow nurture’s the soul and perhaps reminds us of the importance of being reconnected to nature from time to time in our busy modern lifestyles. Oh and in case you were humming that tune, it was Lou Reed who sang that great song!

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