• Feng Shui in the bush

    Posted on July 25, 2013 by Gavin in In and Around Hluhluwe River Lodge.

    Sipho Gumede is a local builder who we hire from time to time to do building jobs around the lodge. Sipho’s current project is to reconstruct all the pathways that lead to the accommodation . We have decided to go back to our roots and in line with our greening project go back to natural pathways, the original concrete pavers now become borders along the paths. Sipho insisted on straight path’s as most builders would so it took some persuasion and  explaining when Sipho was asked to keep to natural curves. Sipho cleverly requested a length of hosepipe and in no time at all we were able to lay out some natural lines. These natural borders will allow us to rake only the pathways and deposit any leaves and twigs outside of the border to decompose into mulch.

    The 80 hectare property that makes up Hluhluwe River Lodge is largely pristine bush and as owners we are trying to continuously rehabilitate areas of the property that were previously disturbed ( that includes by ourselves ) and find greener alternatives. This approach to all improvements around Hluhluwe River Lodge results in a more natural aesthetic in every sphere of the property and operation. Its amazing how by taking this approach we can drastically improve our environment. Feng Shui is something we can all practice without really making too much effort.

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