• New Crab species discovered on Hluhluwe river.

    Posted on March 25, 2013 by Gavin in Interesting visitors.

    A recent visit by Proffesor Renzo Perissinotto who is the Professor & Academic Leader of Biodiversity & Evolutionary Biology at  the School of Life Sciences at University of KwaZulu-Natal revealed the possible discovery of a new crab species.

    Specimens were collected in the  Hluhluwe River below Hluhluwe River Lodge by Renzo and his team. The two images below  are of the dorsal and ventral aspects of the new species collected in the False Bay Park earlier. We are not quite sure at the moment whether the Hluhluwe River specimens collected  are also of this new species or a closely related one already described. Proffesor Perissinotto has submitted the Hluhluwe River lodge specimens for molecular DNA analysis to assess their proximity and will keep us posted with developments.

    Exciting stuff indeed and we hope to hear from the Proff soon and will definitely keep you posted. We are hoping to get Proffesor Perissinotto to the lodge to enjoy a night in our great accommodation and give a talk on crab species of the East Coastal region. Drop us a mail on our website contacts if you are interested in attending and we will keep you posted.

    Proffesor Renzo Perissinotto : On behalf of our School and University, I just wanted to express our most sincere gratitude for your hospitality and collaborative attitude. It is only through the assistance and understanding of people like yourself that we are able to make progress with our research efforts.

    Thanks you so much and warmest regards, Renzo & team



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