Walking Trails

The unique Sand Forests of False Bay Park are just a short drive or cycle ride from Hluhluwe River Lodge ( 7km’s to the gate ) and really are a must see for visitors to the lodge. There are two trails available to hikers with the Ingwe Trail ( 6 km’s ) and the Mpophomeni Trail ( 9.5 km’s) being highly reccomended. Ingwe means ‘Leopard’ in Zulu and it is not uncommon to encounter Leopard spoor while out walking this trail, a few lucky walkers have had sightings of leopard but these elusive cat’s are seldom seen. The Ingwe Trail takes in a beautiful stretch of the lakeshore with wonderful photo opportunities from a few of the high points overlooking the lake.     The ‘Mpophomeni’ (means ‘watefall’ in Zulu ) is a forest walk inland of the lake and meander’s through the best ‘high’ canopy forest in the Park.

Walks are self guided and the trails are well marked with trail markers and numbers which indicate points of interest. Available at the lodge reception is a copy of the ‘Mpophomeni Trail Guide’ by local Sand Forest tree expert Dr Francois Du Randt and this guide provides a wealth of information on this beautiful forest and  it’s rare trees. The trails are relatively flat and sandy substrate providing a safe and easy walking experience suitable for young and old walkers. A small knapsack, binoculars and a water bottle are recommended and lightweight walking shoes are suitable for this level of hiking. 

An alternative to those wishing to take a shorter walk is to simply park one’s car at the lakeshore and walk the shoreline between Lister Point and Sandy Point. This is a wonderful walk  along a road that skirts the lake with forest margin to one side and expansive views of lake St Lucia on the other. There are some wonderful picnic spots along the shore perfect for spreading a blanket and enjoying the peace and tranquility of this beautiful area.

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