• Green Pigeons

    Posted on November 3, 2012 by Gavin in Birding in Hluhluwe, Day Trips.

    The Green Pigeon is a relatively common pigeon species that is often seen in the Fig trees lining the Hluhluwe River. Often mistaken for a Parrot this gregarious bird has bright yellow legs and red tipped beak which along with it’s lime green plumage appears parrot like for the untrained eye. The Afrikaans name for the bird is in fact ‘Papagaai Duif’ which translates to ‘Parrot Dove’. The Green Pigeon belongs to a genus which includes 23 species and occurs from Asia through Africa. The Green Pigeon occurs from Senegal through Tanzania down to South Africa. Just another wonderful bird sighting for guests staying in our wonderful accommodation at Hluhluwe River Lodge.

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