• Turtle season!

    Posted on December 1, 2012 by Gavin in Day Trips.

    During the months of November and December the annual Turtle season reaches a peak when Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Leatherback Turtles lay egg’s on the beautiful beaches of the Maputaland coast just an hour from Hluhluwe River Lodge. There are specialized tours  to witness this amazing spectacle that can be booked from the lodge. For those who are interested in doing a tour whilst staying at the lodge be prepared for an all nighter as tours depart at dusk and last till sunrise the following morning. Whilst the salt water families of the Order are doing their thing along the coast it is no surprise that their freshwater cousins are doing the same right here at Hluhluwe River Lodge as we discovered just a few day’s ago. Craig Clowes our lodge guide came across a Terrapin digging a nest on the lodge access road near a water pan. Just a few interesting facts about this class of reptiles of the order Chelonion’s that include Tortoise’s, Turtle’s and Terrapin’s.Turtles live in Oceans and have flippers, tortoises live on land and their heads draw straight back into the shell whilst turtles can’t withdraw their extremities. Terrapins live in fresh water and have clawed webbed feet and their head is drawn back into the shell sideways. Tortoises are the oldest form of living reptiles and have been around for 210 million years! When booking accommodation at Hluhluwe River Lodge remember to inquire about Turtle tour’s along the coast, we will book a trip with the best operator’s situated just an hour’s drive from the lodge. If you are lucky you may see this most rare sighting of a Terrapin digging and laying it’s eggs.

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