• Water, water, water!

    Posted on December 15, 2012 by Gavin in Hluhluwe Accomodation.

    Recent rainfall has turned the Hluhluwe river floodplain into a water logged wetland reminiscent of the Okavango swamps. After 10 years of drought the area is lush and green and bursting with life. Along with the water there has been a return of waterfowl and ducks to the floodplain and lake shore.  More rain is forecast and with all the catchments already full of water we can expect water levels on Lake St Lucia to reach the highest levels recorded since the cyclone ‘Demoina’ wreaked havoc on Zululand’s infrastructure in the 1980’s. Fisherman are again launching their boats at Lister point in False Bay Park and we will no doubt be reporting good catches of Daga Salmon and Grunter, both delicious eating fish. The view of the floodplain from the lodge is truly spectacular and you are welcome to pop in for a drink and a meal at any time and enjoy the views and lodge hospitality.

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