• Snake Charmers of Hluhluwe River Lodge

    Posted on March 24, 2013 by Gavin in In and Around Hluhluwe River Lodge.

    Living in the bush means regular encounters with interesting small creatures. This last weekend the owners kids Kelsey and Rourke Dickson were home from school and as usual always on the lookout for something to catch and release. Two baby African Rock Python’s were found and kept for observation in a glass tank then released once the novelty of handling them and being bitten once to many times had worn off. We never keep snakes in captivity at the lodge preferring to reintroduce or relocate any that we might capture on the property.

    Kelsey and Rourke are the proverbial bush kid’s and understand the importance of animals being best off in their natural environment. Over the weekend Kelsey caught a large Spotted Bush Snake and took some beautiful photographs of this incredibly beautiful reptile. Spotted Bush Snakes are non venomous and are often found in the vicinity of buildings since they feed on the Common House Gecko which are abundant in and around structures where there are lights that attract insects.

    A word of warning to aspiring young herpetologists like Kelsey and Rourke, NEVER EVER try to catch a snake that you cannot identify, a poisonous snake could bite you and might even kill you. They are wonderful creatures though and a joy to handle if they are non venomous, poisonous snakes are best left alone and contrary to popular belief they are non aggressive and will always move away when they encounter people.

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