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    Posted on December 1, 2012 by Gavin in Interesting visitors.

    Christopher List and Melissa Andrews are green! They only eat vegetables ( no problem for our chef’s ) and are on a mission investigating ways to be carbon neutral. They have very little in the way of belonging’s and carry all their requirements in small Aluminium boxes attached to their India manufactured scooter’s. Chris is a photographer and Melissa is a journalist with an advertising background. After escaping the ‘synthetic’ and mega carbon footprint of Dubai they decided to go on a mission to see what people and communities in South Africa are doing about reducing carbon footprint and being innovative about alternative energy and saving the planet. Their plan is to travel the length and breadth of South Africa on their scooter’s and then produce a documentary of photographs, video and interviews on their finding’s that can be shared to inspire other’s on what we can do to make a difference. At Hluhluwe River Lodge we have converted to LED lighting ( almost ), sourced local organic vegetable grower’s from our nearest community to supply our kitchen and reduced the amount of manicured lawn to reduce the need for lawnmower’s! Solar energy is our next big challenge and we invite anyone out there to contribute any ideas that they might have on energy saving. Contact me gavin@hluhluwe.co.za  and you check out Chris and Mellisa’s mission at http://www.eco-friendly-africa-travel.com for inspiration and let them know if you have something cool to show them. Hluhluwe River Lodge was proud to sponsor Chris and Melissa by offering accommodation and organic vegetarian meals free of charge and we wish them well. Hey Chris, do you have any idea how good a flame grilled and hormone free Kudu Fillet with gooseberry sauce is?

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