• Got Lizards?

    Posted on December 1, 2012 by Gavin in Interesting visitors.

    Summer is humid in Hluhluwe and the days can be warm, very warm. We like it hot because that’s when all the action happens! By action we mean wildlife, bird life  insect life and Reptile life. A regular visitor is ‘Mr Monitor Lizard’ who cruises the gardens around the lodge eating some pretty gross stuff like Giant Land Snails which he crushes in his powerful jaws then eat’s shell and all. Good news is that ‘Mr M’ also loves to eat snakes, frogs, rodents and any irritating insects like flies and even mosquitoes. ‘Mr M’ is a Monitor Lizard and is a common resident preferring water environment’s whether it is a crystal clear river or a smelly french drain. Spectacular markings and a tough skin are designed to protect Monitor Lizard’s  from opportunistic predator’s and they use their powerful tails to slap anyone who is inquisitive or ignorant enough to get too close. The lodge dog’s, Sushi and Bindi have both fallen victim to a good ‘lashing’ by ‘Mr M’. This week ‘Mr M’ had to be removed from the water feature at the entrance to the lodge, he may have been taking a swim to cool off on a particularly hot day but we fancy that he was after one of the juicy Mozambican Tilapia ( fresh water fish species ) who live in the pond and make for a good Sushi lunch. The capture and relocation of ‘Mr M’ was not without incident, Gavin ended up with a nice bite on his wrist before ‘Mr M’ made his way indignantly to the storm water drain at the car park where he resides. We love you ‘Mr M’, just stay away from the Tilapia!

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